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All Emergency Locksmith Service In Carlsbad By Go Lock And Key

Emergency Locksmith for Residential Properties

Many of us have faced this situation. We get home and we can’t find our keys. We look everywhere, but they are gone. This could be a whole bunch of keys.  Luckily, you have Locksmith Carlsbad noted down in your cell phone, and you call them immediately. They provide 24/7 service, and will aim to get to you in 20 minutes.  Even if you have high security dead bolt locks on your front door and security locks on all your windows and sliding doors, they will be able to gain entry.  This will cause minimal damage that will be quickly rectified. Alarm systems will be reset. New keys will be quickly cut for you.

It could be that after this event, concerns about the state of security in your home or the reports of burglaries you keep hearing about in your neighborhood will make you feel you need to upgrade your home security systems.

Thieves in your area will look for easy pickings, properties that have obvious weaknesses. This could be an upstairs window that is not properly closed, or a front door with just one Yale lock in the middle of it.

Starting with your front door, a dead bolt can be fitted. This needs to be in added to any Yale lock and placed away from your existing lock. For more information on added security, visit Go Lock and Key’s website. We cater specifically to residents around Carlsbad, California.

Emergency Locksmith Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

There are a lot of things that can be done with added locks around your home.  However, there are modern comprehensive additions that will go a long way in making your home fully secure. Starting with the CCTV, cameras can be placed strategically around your home, both inside and outside. You will be able to monitor what is happening in and around your home.  Sensors can be added and alarm systems set up with timers.  All of this can now be operated remotely by, for example, lap tops or smart phones, using the internet.

This is taken a whole lot further in commercial premises. Emergency locksmiths can set up key-less systems in business properties instead of having to deal with whole keys and locks, as in a large department store, for example.  The whole system can be rationalized.   By using coding pads or card swipes, employees will be restricted to the areas that they are meant to work in. This can be taken a whole lot further if biometric systems are incorporated. All staff movement can be monitored. Again, CCTV, sensors and monitors can also be used. This is especially useful in concerns such as banks, where handling money and valuables is a major part of the operation. Lock-outs and timing devices can be used when a business closes for the night, or for vacations. Again, all of this can be monitored remotely.

Emergency Locksmiths Motor Vehicles

This is another area where Go Lock and Key has a lot of expertise as emergency locksmiths–car keys.  There are two broad categories: the cheaper or older (retro) vehicles, which still have conventional mechanical auto keys and the modern cars that “key-less” systems. It may be the case that you are quite happy with your car having a convention car key.  However, it would make more sense to have a key less system added.  If your car key had broken in the ignition, this can be replaced.

There are a number of modern systems. A car immobilizer will close down a car unless the signal from a remote transponder key fob is recognized by the electronic systems in a car engine. This way, nobody can “hot wire” the car.  VAT (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) or PASS (Personal Automotive Security System) keys rely on matching resistances between the key and the ignition.

You are able to open a modern car with one “beep” from your key fob.  The embedded chip sends a signal across to the car doors to open them and lift the car immobilizer.  However, criminals are never far behind when it comes to catching up with technology. Signals between remote car keys and the auto can now be copied and reproduced by a hidden third person. A rolling code system has now been developed.  For more details on any of these new developments, please visit our website.

Go Lock and Key — Replacing Car Keys

There still lies the problem of replacing the car key. There are no spares.  You may have an old obscure make of car. There are serial numbers and VIN (vehicle identification number) that can help.  You can approach a specialist dealership. Alternatively, you can approach an emergency locksmith that can help you with this problem. It may be problematic. The model is no longer made, the original dealership has disappeared.  Because it is a valued period model, you would rather take this road; otherwise it may be an idea to have a whole new key-less system installed.

If keys break off in the ignition or in the car door, then this can be sorted out. A new set of keys can be made and the car door lock or ignition replaced.

For most modern cars, be they US, European, Japanese or Korean, then modern key systems can be repaired. If there are transponder keys, remote keys, can be changed. New microchips can be inserted and re-programmed.  Again, if you have a fairly new car that is still under warranty, then you can see if any repairs and changes can be made by your original dealer. However, an emergency locksmith can also do the work. A simple key change may not affect the warranty, along with possible reprogramming of modern chip based keys. It might make sense for any work to be quickly and efficiently undertaken by the emergency locksmith.