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No one ever told me when I started a business that my trade secrets would need protecting. But when one of my employees joined our rival company, I knew I was in for some troubles. This was confirmed when I caught this employee loitering outside the office one day. I knew I had taken her keys, but she could have easily made a duplicate. That’s why I had my locks changed right away. I also had a room made installed with a fingerprint scanner for extra protection from any possible problems down the road. Go Lock And Key were able to do all this within the same day I placed my call, and I was amazed at how cheap it was. I will definitely be saving their number.

Robert Jeter

It is not easy to find a locksmith to replace a keyless entry system for my BMW. Most other locksmiths just tell me that they can help me get in the car, but after that it is up to my dealer. But my dealer’s rates are so expensive it hardly seemed worth it to go to them. I was happy to find Go Lock And Key online, and they solved my problem in just a few hours. They were able to get me back in my car, used a new set of keys, and reprogrammed them for my car. How is it possible that they could do it when other locksmiths claimed it was impossible? They now have another loyal customer to that will forever sing them praises.

Erica Cha

Being a single mother of wonderful kids, I try my best to keep them safe. But given a tight budget, I can’t really afford a hi-tech security system for my home. I want them to be protected, but I am so afraid that intruders will break into my home and hurt my children. Then I found out that you can increase your chances against criminals by improving the locks in your home. So I gave Go Lock And Key a call, and they changed all the locks in my house to the latest ones that are relatively hard to pick. My locksmith came within an hour of my phone call, and I was so pleased at how courteous he was and how fast he worked. I’ll definitely call them again soon.

Dawn Thomas

When you work the night shift like I do, it is difficult to get a locksmith to change the locks in your apartment during regular hours. I am usually getting my much needed sleep during this time, so I thought I’d have to go a day without sleep just to change a few locks. It was such a great thing to know that Go Lock And Key is open 24/7, so I just called them close to midnight, and they sent Rob, one of their experts, in no time. The locks were changed in less than two hours. And the best part? It cost me much less than I was willing to pay. They did not charge a single cent extra for the ungodly hour that I called.

Thomas Davis

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