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What does rekeying mean?

Rekeying could mean two different things. One possible meaning could be the process of changing the combination of your locks while saving its existing hardware. It is a cheaper alternative than buying a new lock since you will not be able to use your old combination once you rekeyed your new lock. Other possible meaning for rekeying is replacing a lost, stolen, or broken key for a certain lock. It means that the locksmith will have to remanufacture the key from scratch by tracing it from your existing lock. This might take longer, depending on the complexity of the lock’s mechanism.

How much do you charge for rekeying a home or office lock?

In our company, we always make sure that your expense is parallel to the service we give. However, this does not mean that the service will cost you a lot.  We offer cheap service but still reach the level of expertise that you need for your keys and locks problems. If you want to know our standard price list, please see our website. You can also ask for an estimate of the cost for a specific service, and you can do this for free! Just visit our website and fill out the inquiry form.

How will I know if it is already time for me to rekey my house lock?

Rekeying your house lock does not have to be done frequently.  If you are confident about the secrecy of your combination, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, you can always call an expert locksmith to rekey your house lock for you. You can do it every 6 months or every year, depending on how frequent you bring guests to your home. Also, make sure you only call reliable and credible locksmiths since they will be the ones responsible for changing the combination for you.

What are the rekeying services that you offer?

We offer all rekeying services that are existing right now. For example, in terms of commercial and residential locks, we offer services like changing of lock combination and key replacement. We also offer services on rekeying automotive locks like car key replacement and car lock system changing. The rekeying process is cheaper than buying a new lock and will save you from further stress caused by too much effort and costs needed. Therefore, we are always making sure that our rekeying services will satisfy your needs with your lock systems in the office, at home, and in your car.

How often should I rekey my home and office locks?

Rekeying is very important. Despite of what specific “rekeying” you are pertaining to, this process should always be on top of the list in terms of maintaining the safety of your locks. Rekeying doesn’t necessarily be done frequently. For example, if you would like to “rekey” the combination of your office lock, it is advisable to do it every time an employee resigns from the company. Rekeying home locks may be done yearly or every six months, depending on how confident you are with the secrecy of your combination.

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