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Trusted Locksmith Services In Carlsbad CA Since 2005

Residential locksmith


Commercial locksmith


Not all locksmiths are trained specifically in commercial locksmith. A commercial locksmiths in Carlsbad CA offers your business the benefit of an experienced professional with the knowledge

Automotive locksmith


Our locksmiths have the latest training and technology and are able to work quickly. At Carlsbad Locksmith, we can handle all of your automotive locksmith needs.

24 hour Emergency locksmith


At Go Lock And Key, we understand that lockouts are unpredictable events that tend to happen at the most inconvenient time. For this reason, 24/7 emergency services

Car Key Replacement

Car Key Replacement

Lost your car key? We at Go Lock And Key Locksmith, provide you all the car model replacement keys, Key Cutting and Trasponder Key Programming in the lowest prices



People, including the security staffs are just humans and can make mistakes. That’s one reason why it’s very important to have CCTV cameras installed in your home or business.

Emergency Locksmith Services In Carlsbad

There is a probable chance that people will need one form of locksmith service Carlsbad or another during their lifetime.  For those living in the area between Los Angeles and San Diego, our staff at Go Lock and Key are here to serve residents especially when they need emergency locksmith service Carlsbad.  Well-trained and professional technicians handle all locksmith services Carlsbad promptly and efficiently. Carlsbad Locksmith handles a complete array of locksmith services Carlsbad that are specifically targeted for the residential, commercial and automotive use.  Our services are also accessible for 24 hours a day.  They offer convenience especially for emergencies that happen in the wee hours of the night or early morning.  Once a customer calls requesting for emergency assistance, our capable locksmiths arrive promptly in no time at all.  Give us a lead time of 15 to 20 minutes.  The first thing that our locksmiths will do is to carefully and thoroughly assess the situations.  According to their training, they will not attempt to do anything until everything has been thoroughly studied and the cause of the problem is determined.  There is no need to worry about our people.  They are well-trained, licensed and insured.  Most of all, they get the job done during the most difficult times. Our prices are also very reasonable and our excellent service assures you that it is money well spent. Although we do not wish constant emergency locksmith services on anyone, we do have repeat customers who were very satisfied with the service that they received previously.  We also get a lot of recommendations from former customers.

Key Duplication Services

People get their keys duplicated for various reasons.  The main thing about key duplication is that the duplicates must be exact replicas of the original and must also work the same as the original.  This means that they should also be able to open what they are intended to open.  Go Lock and Key’s locksmith services Carlsbad include all these types of duplicate keys:

  1. House Keys are the most common duplicate keys. All household members usually have duplicate keys, and a designated individual (usually the head of the household or the main breadwinner) holds the original keys.
  2. Car keys are usually duplicated when there are multiple users of one vehicle. However, most single car owners also have their keys duplicated as an extra precaution.
  3. Master keys usually open a set of locks. Master keys are duplicated in order for more than one person to open several locks using one key.
  4. Transponder keys are car ignition keys. Although it is possible to duplicate, it is quite complicated because there are circuits built inside that are meant for emitting signals.  A locksmith service Carlsbad should not only build duplicate transponder keys, but also create a programmable system for them.
  5. Control keys are specially used for the core removable locking systems.
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Transponder Key Programming

Most recent-model cars use transponder keys.  These types of keys also get broken, misplaced or lost.  Car dealerships offer transponder key programming, and it could get quite expensive.  Instead of going to the dealer, seek the assistance of locksmith services Carlsbad.  Go Lock and Key, in particular, which is located in the Los Angeles-San Diego area offers replacement and reprogramming of transponder keys. The reason why it is quite challenge for a locksmith service Carlsbad to duplicate a transponder key is because it needs programming.  It contains two electronic components that are embedded in its head.  The first component is the microchip, and the other component is the processor.  The microchip sends and transmits a signal for key identification and location.  The processor is used to communicate with the electronic system of the vehicle. When the key is damaged or the chip is missing, the car will not be able to function well.  Go Lock and Key utilize high-end tools to put an end to the car owner’s transponder key issues.  These high-tools are in turn handled by our expert locksmiths, giving the car owner the ultimate automotive locksmith service Carlsbad available. Some of the locksmith services Carlsbad that we provide that are related to transponder keys are repair and replacement of the key fob, provision of a spare transponder key, fixing broken or damaged transponder keys, and fixing damaged transponder chip inside a car key remote. We also do re-programming services for flip-type keys with key cards, transponder keys, and remote fob. Car fob or remote replacement by automotive locksmiths is relatively more inexpensive compared to the dealership.

Vehicle Burglary Emergency Services

Nothing can be worse than having your car damaged by an attempted burglary.  In this situation, it is but natural for the vehicle owner to be upset and worried.  Go Lock and Key is here to assist vehicle owners during this distressing time.  To ease the frustration and the feeling of helplessness, part of our locksmith services Carlsbad is to aid with car burglary damages. Since this is an emergency, Go Lock and Key will quickly respond to the call. The team will immediately proceed to your described location and provide all the help that we can give.  If the vehicle keys have been taken away or stolen, our locksmith service Carlsbad will re-key your car.  Re-keying is the best solution that we can provide given the circumstances.  New vehicle can be reproduced in an hour.  The owner will be able to use the car then.  If the vehicle shows evidence of forced entry, the ignition switch might be damaged.  Our locksmith services Carlsbad has technicians that will be able to repair the lock.  However, if it is too damaged and it needs to be replaced, then our locksmiths can replace and install the lock. Customers trust Go Lock and Key associates because they get the job done efficiently and quickly.  The locksmiths and technicians are both knowledgeable and dependable.  Our main priority, especially during a distressing time such as car burglaries, is to ease the worries of our customers by taking care of the damage and assuring them that everything will be all right.